The ahhhhhh page

This page plots the number of results obtained from google for words of the form a{n}h{m}. For example aaahh would be represented by 3,2 and is found on the grid below at 3 down and 2 across. Hover over the square to see the number of google results, you can also click to see the results in google for yourself. The actual numbers that you will see will vary from what I found over time. This data was collected on 7th January 2006.

The results are coloured based on the log of the value. Cells that are bright red have more than 8000 google results.

There are a vast number of different variations of this word on the net. Even though I have examined so far up to ah(50,50), I have not reached the region where zero hits are common. In fact in the whole 50x50 grid there are only 16 zeros. Update: I've extended it to 60x60 now and at last there are places where there are several zeros together. Still there's seven results at ah(60,60).

This page can also be seen as a smaller square plot that is easier to see all at once. You can download the raw data as a csv file.

This was inspired by The Argh Page and a suggestion by Mike Smith.

This page was digg'ed on 20 Jan 2006. I've made a page that shows the traffic spike that this caused.

Graphical image of the table of frequencies of words like ahhhhhh